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Conferences and Workshops

Durham-Münster Conferences

Since 2018-19, Durham and the University of Münster have participated in an annual PGR workshop, which gives students from each institution the opportunity to present and discuss their research within an international network. The collaboration was residential over a three-day period in its first two years, and will move to a virtual format for 2020-21. If you are interested in participating this year, the online event is scheduled for 6 November. Please contact Dr Jacob Wiebel and Dr Helen Roche in the first instance.


History Research Colloquium

The department is home to researchers with diverse interests and expertise. This event is aimed at historians at all stages of their research careers and provides the opportunity for our community to come together for a day of dialogue and discussion based around a chosen theme. The colloquium provides a platform for both postgraduates and undergraduates to speak about their on-going projects or showcase dissertations and other extended projects and to receive constructive feedback within a friendly and supportive environment.


Postgraduate Reading Group

The Postgraduate Reading Group encourages students to think broadly and read widely beyond their immediate area of study. Attendance for this course is expected of first year PhD students. Doctoral students from other years may attend as they wish. All those who wish to attend the course should be present at the session in Week One, Michaelmas Term.

For further information, please email the lead organiser Professor Andy Wood.


MEMSA Conference

The finale of MEMSA's academic year is its own postgraduate conference in Durham which attracts a wide variety of postgraduates and academics from across the UK and beyond.

Each year, the conference has welcomed a wide variety of highly original and engaging postgraduate papers, and has enjoyed the privilege of hearing internationally regarded keynote speakers. Find out more about past conferences.

Journals from previous conferences can be found on the MEMSA WordPress site


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