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EDI Matters

"If you think that diversity does not matter in mathematics because algebra, number theory and geometry do not depend on gender or skin colour, think again. On the one hand, there are formal proofs that diversity of orientations (including gender and ethnic diversity) can trump ability in problem solving (Scott E. Page, The Difference, 2007 and Nature, June 2018); on the other, mathematicians teach undergraduates, supervise graduate students and postdocs, perform administrative functions and participate in committees. In all of these, diversity does matter. Women and minority students benefit from having women and minority professors. An administrator who is a woman or a person of colour is more likely to be aware of the sexism and racism in the faculty ranks."

Please see below for a list of upcoming and recent events organised wholly or in part by the EDI committee.


Recent Events:

The 2020 Pascal Lecture - "The Black Heroes of Mathematics"

Dr Nira Chamberlain (President of the IMA)

4 November 2020, 3:00pm, online

To celebrate Black History Month, and the contributions of black role models to the field of mathematical sciences, the department is pleased to have Dr Nira Chamberlain as our guest speaker delivering the annual Pascal lecture 2020. Please click here to watch a recording of Dr Chamberlain's talk.