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Women in Maths

Woman working on mathematical problem

Our fundamental message to you, especially if you are a girl and in doubt: nothing suggests that there is an upper limit on what women can achieve mathematically... why do so few of us choose Further Maths A-level, an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, a PhD in Mathematics or an academic career in Mathematics? We do not have the full answer to these questions, but some factors might be

  • the paucity of female role models
  • the perception that mathematics is not a feminine pursuit
  • the lack of knowledge of careers opened to mathematicians besides teaching, accountancy and academia
  • the fear of being unable to reconcile motherhood with a very competitive academic environment in mathematics

Our ambition is to provide you with true life tales of female students and staff, who persevered despite these a priori and embraced their maths studies with enthusiasm, charisma and conviction. You will meet a diverse crowd of women whose initial motivations to study mathematics differ, sometimes widely. You will hopefully recognise yourself in one or more of them, but if you do not, get in touch and tell us why you hesitate to embark or continue on the path of mathematics. We will try to help you see more clearly.

Anne Taormina

Head of Department of Mathematical Sciences (from 01.01.2014 to 31.12.2018)

Women in Maths