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Food for Thought

  • Marie A. Vitulli, Gender Differences in First Jobs for New US PhDs in the Mathematical Sciences, Notices of the AMS, Vol 65 (3) 326-329, March 2018
  • Women's History Month, Notices of the AMS, Vol 65 (3) 248-303, March 2018; A synopsis of research and advice to young women from 27 outstanding female mathematicians (Joan Birman, Melody Chan, Alice Chang, Maria Chudnovsky, Carina Curto, Ingrid Daubechies, Irene Fonseca, Carolyn Gordon, Fan Chung Graham, Rosemary Guzman, Tara S. Holm, Olga Holtz, Fern Y. Hunt, Trachette L. Jackson, Dusa McDuff, Sophie Morel, Andrea Nahmrod, Lillian Pierce, Jill C. Pipher, Emily Riehl, Karen E. Smith, Gigliola Staffilani, Eva Tardos, Chelsea Walton, Amie Wilkinson, Lauren Williams and Melanie Matchett Wood)
  • Marie A. Vitulli, Writing Women in Mathematics into Wikipedia, Notices of the AMS, Vol 65 (3) 330-334, March 2018;