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Women in Maths

Our current and past members of staff, and students.  All of whom found their way to Durham to study Mathematical Sciences.


Theresa Abl

PhD Student

Nivedita Agarwal

MSc in Mathematical Finance (2014)
Picture of Nivedita Agarwal

Bushra Al Sulaimi

PhD in Applied Mathematics (2017)
Picture of Bushra Al Sulaimi

Camila Caiado

Director of Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Taught Programmes, Professor, Statistics
Camila Caiado staff picture

Ilke Canakci

Postdoc 2015-2017
Picture of Ilke Canakci

Long Chen

Postdoc 2017-20; Leverhulme Trust
Picture of Long Chen

Sophy Darwin

Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Picture of Sophy Darwin

Sarah Edwards

Risk Analyst (2014 - 2015)
Picture of Sarah Edwards

Michela Egidi

PhD in Mathematics (2015)

Anna Felikson

Professor, Geometry
Picture of Anna Felikson

Carla Ferreira

Postdoc (2018 - 2020)
Picture of Carla Ferreira

Alice Fletcher

BSc Mathematics (2015)
Picture of Alice Fletcher

Helena Formentin

PhD Student (2020)
Picture of Helena Formentin

Ruth Gregory

Professor, Mathematics and Physics (2005-2021)
Picture of Ruth Gregory

Bethany Heath

MMath student (2017-21)
Picture of Bethany Heath

Kate Horner

SPOCK Postdoc (2014 - 2017)

Laura Hutton

MMath (2006) Head of Banking Fraud Solutions
Picture of Laura Hutton

Mikaela Iacobelli

Assistant Professor, now at ETH Zurich
Picture of Mikaela Iacobelli

Justine Jefferies

BSc Mathematics (2014) Maths Teacher
Picture of Justine Jefferies

Kylie King

BSc Mathematics (2017)

Jolanta Marzec

Research Associate (2016 - 2017)
Picture of Jolanta Marzec

Catriona McLellan

BSc Natural Sciences (2017)
Picture of Catriona McLellan

Naoko Miyajima

PhD Student (2019)
Picture of Naoko Miyajima

Natasha Morrison

MMath student (2012)
Picture of Natasha Morrison

Noryanti Muhammad

PhD in Statistics (2016)
Picture of Noryanti Muhammad

Rachel Oughton

Associate Professor, Statistics

Christiana Pantelidou

Postdoc (2017 - 2019)
Picture of Christiana Pantelidou

Irene Pasquinelli

PhD Student (2018)
Picture of Irene Pasquinelli

Fiona Reid

MMath student (2014) Maths teacher
Picture of Fiona Reid

Meg Rutherford

BSc Mathematics (2015)
Picture of Meg Rutherford

Smita Sahu

Lecturer (2015-18)

Rachel Sheard

BSc Mathematics (2016)
Picture of Rachel Sheard

Andrea Simkus

PhD Student
Picture of Andrea Simkus

Rebecca Smith

BSc Mathematics (2015)
Picture of Rebecca Smith

Anna Szumovicz

PhD Student (2019)
Picture of Anna Szumovicz

Anne Taormina

Director of Research, Professor, Mathematical & Theoretical Particle Physics Head of Department of Mathematical Sciences (2014-2018)
Picture of Anne Taormina

Chloe Tyler

BSc Mathematics (2004) Group Chief Internal Auditor for DEFRA at GIAA - Government Internal Audit Agency
Picture of Chloe Tyler

Clare Wallace

Assistant Professor (Teaching)

Marion Weinzierl

Joint Postdoc with Computer Sciences, now research software engineer in Computer Sciences
Picture of Marion Weinzierl

Marija Zamaklar

Associate Professor, Mathematical & Theoretical Particle Physics
Picture of Marija Zamaklar