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Italian Language 1A

This course is for students with A-level Italian. Its aims are to consolidate and develop language skills acquired during A-Level, to enhance communication skills in written and oral Italian and to direct students towards independent learning and reading of Italian texts of various kinds. By the end of the course you should have consolidated your knowledge of key grammatical points, deepened your appreciation of how Italian is used differently in different contexts (both oral and written) and become more familiar with the main Italian newspapers, cultural magazines and some contemporary literature. It is also expected that you will be able to speak and write with a high level of grammatical accuracy and idiomatic command, read Italian of various registers in a wide range of media, understand and respond to Italian spoken in a variety of contexts and communicate orally and in writing with confidence.

Texts likely to be studied include:

  • Via della Grammatica. Mina Ricci. Edilingua
  • All remaining material to use in class will be available online for students to download.

Coordinator:  Mrs Rossella Peressini

Further details of pre-requisites, co-requisites, aims, contact hours and assessment.