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Our People


Name Position Contact
Mrs Sarah Craggs Operations Coordinator
Miss Jessica Crinson Learning and Teaching Administrator 
Miss Anouska Drion Learning and Teaching Administrator
Miss Eloise Hepburn Learning and Teaching Administrator
Mrs Vicky Holding Learning and Teaching Coordinator (Assessment)
Mrs Katherine Hunt Learning and Teaching Administrator (Assessment)
Ms Kim Huntingdon Administrative Assistant
Ms Judith Jewitt Learning and Teaching Administrator
Mrs Kathleen Lowson Assistant Manager (Learning and Teaching)
Ms Lucia Luck PG Co-ordinator
Miss Rachel Mole Learning and Teaching Administrator
Mrs Tina O'Donnell Learning and Teaching Administrator (Assessment) tina.o'
Mrs Chermaine Patey Learning and Teaching Administrator (Assessment)
Mr Roger, C. C. Ravanelli MLAC Year Abroad Co-ordinator
Mrs Jess Stacey School Manager
Mr Owen Walpole Learning and Teaching Manager


Arabic Studies

Name Position Contact
Professor Abir Hamdar Professor
Mrs Salima Jaljule Assistant Professor (Teaching) / TLRP Coordinator
Dr Niveen Kassem Assistant Teaching Fellow
Ms Mandana Mashayekhi-Ghoyonloo Part-time Teacher
Professor Daniel Newman Professor / Director of Studies
Professor Paul Starkey Emeritus Professor
Dr Adam Talib Associate Professor
Dr Aziza Zaher Associate Professor (Teaching) / Careers Liaison


Chinese Studies

Dr Qing Cao Associate Professor
Miss V Chu Lecturer (Teaching)
Dr Yunhan Hu Assistant Professor
Dr Jin Huang Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr William Schaefer Associate Professor in Chinese Studies and Visual Culture
Mr Don Starr Assistant Professor (Teaching) / Director of Studies (Chinese) / Director MA in Translation Studies
Dr Binghan Zheng Associate Professor in Chinese Translation


French Studies

Dr Kathryn Banks Associate Professor
Dr Marie-Claire Barnet Associate Professor
Dr Samuel Bootle Associate Professor
Mr Alexandre Burin Teaching Fellow Contact Alexandre Burin
Dr Dominique Carlini-Versini Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Laura Chuhan Campbell Assistant Professor
Professor Jan Clarke Professor / Director of Studies
Professor David Cowling Professor / Head of School Contact David Cowling
Dr Amaleena Damlé Associate Professor
Professor Catherine Dousteyssier-Khoze Professor
Dr Sarah Hickmott Assistant Professor / Deputy Director of UG Education (Curriculum Development)
Professor Christopher Lloyd Emeritus Professor
Dr Simon McKinnon Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Professor Gerald Moore Professor / School EDI Lead
Prof John O'Brien Emeritus Professor john.o'
Mme Vasanti Piette Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Mr Roger, C. C. Ravanelli Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Zoë Roth Associate Professor / Deputy Director of Research (Grants)
Professor Marc Schachter Professor
Professor Richard Scholar Professor
Professor Luke Sunderland Professor
Professor Thomas Wynn Professor


German Studies

Dr Yael Almog Assistant Professor
Dr Petra Bauer Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Polly Dickson Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Professor Jonathan Long Professor
Professor Claudia Nitschke Professor / Director of Research
Dr Alexis Radisoglou Assistant Professor / Director of Studies
Dr Tracey Reimann-Dawe Assistant Professor (Teaching) / Deputy Head of School (Teaching)
Professor Nicholas Saul Professor / Director, Arts & Humanities, Institute of Advanced Studies
Professor Janet Stewart Professor / Executive Dean (A&H)
Dr Simon Ward Associate Professor / Director, BA in Visual Arts & Film


Hispanic Studies

Professor Andrew Beresford Professor
Dr Marcela Cazzoli Associate Professor (Teaching) / Director of UG Education
Dr Lara Escudero-Baztan Lecturer (Teaching)
Professor Santiago Fouz Hernández Professor
Mrs Maria-Victoria Hedley Assistant Teaching Fellow
Dr Francisco-J. Hernández Adrián Associate Professor / Director of Postgraduate Studies
Dr Manuel Hijano Assistant Professor
Professor Claudia Hopkins  Professor / Director of the Zurbarán Centre for Spanish and Latin American Art
Dr Penelope Johnson Assistant Professor (Teaching) / Director MA in Translation Studies
Dr Laura Leon Llerena Assistant Professor
Ms Mari Carmen Maya Medina Assistant Teaching Fellow
Dr Kerstin Oloff Associate Professor
Dr Yarí Pérez Marín Associate Professor / Director of Studies
Dr Axel Perez Trujillo Assistant Professor
Ms Marcela Reyes-Otaiza Lecturer (Teaching)
Ms Heiddy Roberts Assistant Teaching Fellow Contact Heiddy Roberts
Dr Nicholas Roberts Associate Professor  Contact Nicholas Roberts
Professor H. Rosi Song Professor / Deputy Head of School (Research)
Dr Michael Thompson Associate Professor / Deputy Executive Dean (Education) in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities


Japanese Studies

Dr Hansun Hsiung Assistant Professor
Dr Fusako Innami Associate Professor in Japanese and Performance Studies / Deputy Director of Research (Impact)
Ms Ritsuko Koso-Kirk Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Ms Sayo Wilkinson Lecturer (Teaching)


Russian Studies

Professor Andy Byford Professor
Dr Ekaterina Chown Assistant Professor (Teaching) / Chair UG Board of Examiners
Mrs Branka Grundy Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Professor Alexandra Harrington Professor / Faculty of Arts & Humanities Equality Diversity Inclusion Lead
Dr Siobhán Hearne Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Viktoria Ivleva Assistant Professor / Director of Studies
Dr Simon Pirani Honorary Professor in MLAC / Centre for Culture and Ecology
Dr Dušan Radunović Associate Professor
Dr Angelos Theocharis Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Mrs Olga Zabotkina Assistant Teaching Fellow


Translation Studies

Ms. Cerise Jackson Honorary Associate of MLaC
Professor Kevin Lin Professor in Practice Contact Kevin Lin
Professor Ita Mac Carthy Professor
Ms Etsuko Okahisa Part-time Teacher [Japanese] Contact Etsuko Okahisa
Mr Angus Turvill Part-time Teacher [Japanese] Contact Angus Turvill
Dr Sergey Tyulenev Associate Professor
Dr Binghan Zheng Associate Professor in Chinese Translation


Centre for Foreign Language Study

Mrs Mary Fender Language Services Coordinator
Mr Abedal-Mutaleb Al-Zuweiri Lecturer (Teaching) - Arabic
Mrs Agnès Bastien-Langham Lecturer (Teaching) - French
Miss Helen Cant Learning and Teaching Administrator Contact Helen Cant
Dr Yoonjoung Choi Lecturer (Teaching) - Korean Contact Yoonjoung Choi
Dr Marion Coderch Assistant Professor (Teaching) - Spanish
Dr Géraldine Crahay Lecturer (Teaching) - French
Mr Mark Critchley Director, Centre for Foreign Language Study
Dr Werner Garstenauer Part-time Teacher Contact Werner Garstenauer
Dr Yu Gu Assistant Teaching Fellow - Chinese Contact Yu Gu
Mrs Anna Johnston Assistant Professor (Teaching) - French
Mrs Zhanna Kozmenko-Ihssen Lecturer (Teaching) - German
Dr Li Li Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Ms Fernanda Lourenco Part-time Teacher - Portuguese
Dr Kristina Pla Fernandez Lecturer (Teaching) - Spanish
Ms Nuria Polo-Pérez Lecturer (Teaching) - Spanish
Mr Roger, C. C. Ravanelli Deputy Director
Ms Giusy Stott Lecturer (Teaching) / Italian Language Programme Coordinator (Centre for Foreign Language Study)
Ms Motoko Takahashi Lecturer (Teaching) - Japanese
Miss Cynthia Tavars Lecturer (Teaching) - French Contact Cynthia Tavars
Dr Kaoru Umezawa Assistant Professor (Teaching) - Japanese Contact Kaoru Umezawa
Ms Irene Velasco-Lopez Lecturer (Teaching) - Spanish
Dr Michael Watts Part-time Teacher Contact Michael Watts