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Delicious Old-age Arab Cuisine Comes to Light Via Cookbook

For the past five years, Daniel Newman, the chair for Arabic studies at Durham University, has been delving deep into this region’s medieval culinary tastes and traditions.
A spice market with a shop keeper

How French words became part of the English language

We may not realise it, but many of us speak more French than we think. French words have gradually become part of the English language over the centuries and their origins go as far back as the Norman conquest of England in 1066.
A black and white illustration of a ship by John Barnett

Adam Talib now on the Editorial team of Middle Eastern Literatures

Adam Talib now on the Editorial team of Middle Eastern Literatures
Jordan Desert - 2018 photography submission from Talia Berriman

Alexander Pushkin: A Life

Join Patrick Geoghegan and panel of distinguished poets, writers, translators and literary scholars - including our very own Dr Viktoria Ivleva - as they explore the life and intellectual legacy of Russian Poet, Novelist and Playwright Alexander Pushkin.
An image of the romantic poet, playwright and novelist Alexander Pushkin

Reopening of the Honorary Vice-Consulate in Newcastle with Professor Santi Fouz-Hernandez appointed as the new Honorary Vice-Consul

With this reopening, the Consulate General in Edinburgh, as a part of the Spanish Embassy in the United Kingdom, fulfils two important objectives. Firstly, it is once again present in a vibrant city with a large Spanish community and many links with Spain. Secondly, it reinforces its network of honorary consulates, which also includes Glasgow, Aberdeen and Belfast.
A photo of Professor Santi Fouz Hernandez

New publication from Professor Nicholas Saul

Interrogations of Evolutionism in German Literature 1859-2011 from Professor Nicholas Saul (School of Modern Languages and Cultures)
The book cover including a photo of Darwin