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Understanding Russia: Arts and Ideology

This module, which is taught and assessed in English, is open to students taking Russian Language 1A or 1B. It is designed to impart knowledge of a selection of key concepts and themes in Russian culture by:

  1. Studying critically some of the major processes of nation-construction (e.g. the development of the Russian folkloric tradition and the formation of the Russian literary canon)
  2. Problematising the cultural specificity of seemingly universal concepts such as ‘gender’ or ‘the everyday’
  3. Showcasing the emergence of a ‘Russian modernity’ in the wider transnational perspective (e.g. through the study of the early 20th century Russian avant-garde and the early Soviet sci-fi tradition)

The course introduces students to the analysis of a broad range of texts and genres, from literary works to visual materials and film, from major classics to popular culture. The course enables students to work with diverse cultural materials and helps them acquire essential skills of cultural analysis and interpretation, written and spoken expression, as well as independent research. This module has been designed to reflect a commitment to diversity in its resources and delivery, and will create opportunities for students to engage in critical analysis of different perspectives relevant to the study area.


  • Russian Mentality and Culture
  • Pushkin and the Russian Canon
  • Russia's Imagined Geographies
  • Image and Seeing in Russian Culture

Coordinator:  Dr Viktoria Ivleva

Further details of pre-requisites, co-requisites, aims, contact hours and assessment.