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Modern Optics


In the Modern Optics Laboratory, you will get the opportunity to work with sophisticated equipment on experimental topics that reflect current trends in optical and atomic physics research.


While each project will be biased towards a particular set of skills, the general objectives are:

laser cooling


  • To learn and apply skills in optical alignment, electronics, data acquisition, etc., in order to carry out the project.
  • To extend the project beyond the given instructions, which are intentionally brief to give room for exploring something interesting to you.
  • To reduce and analyse the numerical data gathered, with emphasis on finding the uncertainty of the final results.
  • To understand the wider significance of your data
    and convey this in a scientific report.


Projects are regularly updated, but previous projects include:


  • Laser cooling and trapping of atoms
  • Entanglement of photons and Bell’s inequality
  • Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy.
  • Optical communications
  • Sub-Doppler atomic spectroscopy


Current students can find more information on Learn Ultra