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Islamists and the State: The puzzle of enduring competition

Dr Rory McCarthy from our School of Government and International Affairs argues that religion still shapes politics even at a time of Islamist setbacks in North Africa.
Islamist state

World’s military must accurately report carbon emissions

The world’s military must more accurately report its carbon emissions or measures to cut the greenhouse gas risk becoming “guesswork”.
Military fighter jets on an aircraft carrier

Examining the protests in Iran

Iran has seen weeks of anti-government protests which began following the death of Mahsa Amini in mid-September, days after her arrest for allegedly not complying with the country’s strict rules on head coverings. Professor Anoush Ehteshami, the Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah Chair in International Relations, in Durham University’s School of Government and International Affairs, examines the current wave of protests.
A map showing the word Iran

What long-term economic stagnation means for climate change

Current economic problems are bad for green investment, but according to Dr Jack Copley, Assistant Professor in International Political Economy in our School of Government and International Affairs, the economic obstacles to effective decarbonisation are more deeply entrenched.
A solar panel array in the sunshine

Somalia: Puntland state port is getting a revamp - this is key to its future

Professor Jutta Bakonyi, in our School of Government and International Affairs, and Dr May Darwich, of the University of Birmingham, say the modernisation of the port is critical for Puntland to ensure it keeps a significant position within the fragmented political landscape of Somalia.
Aerial view of a cargo ship full of shipping containers

Waiting for Ethiopia: Berbera port upgrade raises Somaliland’s hopes for trade

Professor Jutta Bakonyi from our School of Government and International Affairs talks about the improvements in Berbera port that could elevate Somaliland's international trades.
Sea port

Constant fear of eviction: how poor people experience life in Somaliland’s growing cities

Professor Jutta Bakonyi from our School of Government and International Affairs along with colleagues from University of Hargeisa, Somalia sheds light on the living experience of poor people in Somaliland cities.
Somalian cities

Debunking the myth of the ‘evil people smuggler’

Dr Corey Robinson, in our School of Government and International Affairs, and Yvonne Su, Assistant Professor in the Department of Equity Studies, York University, Canada, examine the narrative of the "evil people smuggler" in the context of the global refugee crisis and people’s attempts to claim asylum.
A banner saying refugees welcome at a protest march

Drones, Afghanistan, and beyond: Towards analysis and assessment in context

Afghanistan is one of the most drone-affected states, however, very few scholarly studies of drone use there exist.
European Journal if International Security

Welcome! to our new colleagues

We are delighted to announce we have several excellent new members of staff starting with us in August/ September for the new academic year!
An external shot of the SGIA building

Launch of BRI Dialogues

It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of BRI Dialogues.