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MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice

Durham’s MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice has run since 2007 and reflects the Department’s longstanding interests in Crime, Deviance and Criminal Justice as well as the current expertise and specialisms of its staff.  This course critically addresses a range of key issues and debates relating to crime and the criminal justice system. You will have the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of crime, deviance and criminal justice from critical, theoretical, policy, legal, political and practical perspectives. You will also address issues of historical and contemporary concern, such as terrorism, sex work, legal and illegal drugs, crime in the night-time economy, forced migration, gender and crime, domestic violence, crime prevention, prison and punishment, policing, youth crime and justice, law enforcement and the use of new technologies.

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University student
Studying Criminology at Durham has given me the opportunity to think critically about the social and political aspects of crime both in theory and in practice. Through the expertise of teaching staff and other guest lecturers with experiences in the police force, prisons, and charities, I have not only gained a deeper insight into the workings of the criminal justice system, but also explored why certain crimes occur and assessed how society and the state respond to them.

Ruth Blake-Lobb
MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice Graduate 2020