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14 November 2023 - 15 November 2023

2:30PM - 5:00PM

Lindisfarne Centre, St Aidan's College

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One and a half day symposium

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Symposium agenda

This symposium will explore contemporary far right appropriations of classical antiquity, and will interest all who seek to understand how the past can be weaponised for current political purposes.


14 November 2023

14.30 -16.30 - INTRODUCTION: Helen Roche and Elisabeth Kirtsoglou

  • Helen Roche: Methodological/ethical/conceptual reflections
  • Curtis Dozier: "The Product of Twisted Minds"? Assessing the Challenge of White Nationalist Appropriations of Greco-Roman Antiquity
  • Denise McCoskey: From Eugenics to Genetics: The Role of (Pseudo)science in Racist Appropriations of Classical Antiquit

15 November 2023

10.00 -11.30

  • Konstantinos Poulis - “The Spartans”: How Novels, Memes and Social Media Brought Ancient Sparta and Swastikas to the Greek PARLIAMENT
  • Eleftheria Ioannidou - Fascinating Classics: Myth and Ritual in the Commemorations of Thermopylae by the Golden Dawn
  • Anna Schriefl - Greco-Roman Antiquity in the Neue Rechte

12.00 -13.30

  • Teresa Mocharitsch -‘Who are the Barbarians now?’ The Tacitean Germania in Far-Right Discourses on Motherhood and Marriage
  • Sam Agbamu-Scipio - Africanus: an Icon of Intolerance?

14.00 -15.00

  • Ricarda Meisl - Mighty Warriors and Feminist Queens – White Supremacist Groups, Gender, and Ancient Sparta
  • Blaz Zabel - Global, Anti-Global, and Post-Global Classics: Reception of Homer and Global Classics by the Alt-Right

15.30 –

  • Richard Hingley -project: ‘Ancient Identities’
  • Jacob Blewett - project pitch on Archaeology and the Far-Right