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The IAS Associate Fellowship is a broad based community of Durham colleagues from across the disciplinary spectrum who are engaging with the IAS in forthcoming or recently completed interdisciplinary projects. The Fellowship is intended to provide a network for Fellows to come together and share ideas and experience.

Associate Fellow  Department/School   Research Interests 
Professor Robert Baxter Biosciences 
  •  pollution ecology
  • arctic plant ecologyarctic
  • climate change
Dr Atanu Chaudhuri  Durham Business School 
  • Supply chains and business models for digital manufacturing
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Supply chain integration
Professor Alexandra Cristea Computer Science 
  • Web Science
  • User Modelling
  • Adaptive, personalised web
Professor Chris Gerrard  Archaeology 
  • Common rights and resources
  • Historic earthen architecture
  • The western Atlantic seaboard in the Middle Ages
Dr Mariann Hardey   Durham Business School  
  • Women in digital leadership roles
  • Consumer-generated-content (CGC)
  • Tech Cities
Dr Ben Alderson Day   Psychology  
  • Developmental Psychopathology
  • Voice-hearing and Schizophrenia
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Executive Functioning
Dr Olga Demetriou  School of Government and International Affairs 
  • Refugees and Displacement
  • European Asylum System
  • Gender, feminism and peace building
  • Cultural heritage conflicts
  • Citizenship
  • Minorities
Professor Simon James  English Studies 
  • Victorian and Twentieth-Century Fiction
  • Literature and Gender
  • Literary Theory, esp. Narrative Theory, Psychoanalysis and Gender; Theories of Pleasure
  • Textual editing, including digital editing
Dr Marco Bernini English Studies
  • Narrative theory (in particular cognitive narratology),
  • Modernist fiction
  • Cognitive sciences
Dr Kimberley Jamie Sociology
  • Health
  • Family health
  • Medicines use
  • Health technologies
  • Lay health understandings/behaviours
  • Healthcare work and professional practice
Dr Henry Jones Durham Law School
  • International Law
  • Legal History
  • Law and Geography
  • Law and Humanities
  • Law and Literature
  • Critical Legal Theory
  • Marxist Legal Theory
Professor Debbie Riby  Psychology 
  • Neurodiversity
  • Neurodevelopmental conditions
  • Social perception and social cognition in Williams syndrome (WS) and Autism (ASD).
Dr Rille Raaper Education 
  • Student experience, identity and agency
  • Higher education policy and practice
  • Politics of higher education and student movements
  • Consumerism in higher education
  • Widening participation in higher education
  • Assessment policy and practice
  • Critical theory and critical discourse analysis
Dr Margarita Staykova Physics
  • Biophysics
  • Biological membranes
  • Functional interfaces
  • Living materials
Professor Philip Steinberg Geography
  • Political geography
  • Governance of frontiers
  • Ocean ontologies
  • Ways of knowing in icy environments
  • Art-Geography-Law interfaces
  • Transdisciplinary pedagogies
Professor Jim Ridgway  Education
  • mathematics education
  • assessment
  • technology in education
  • gifted and talented children
  • educational psychology
Dr Jeremy Kendal  Anthropology
  • Social transmission and population dynamics
Dr James Osborn Physics 
  • Atmospheric physics
  • Free-space optical communications
  • Astronomical instrumentation
Dr Elisabeth Kirtsoglou Anthropology
  • Gender
  • Identity
  • Greece
  • Politics
  • Migration and Refugee Issues
Dr David Chivers Economics and Finance
  • Macroeconomics of Labour Markets
  • Macroeconomics of Growth and Development
Professor Susanne Braun Management and Marketing
  • Leader and follower identity dynamics
  • Narcissism in leadership
  • Authentic leadership
Dr Noura Al Moubayed Computer Science
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning for Healthcare
  • Bias and Fairness in Machine Learning
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Social Robotics
  • Brain Computer Interfaces
  • Evolutionary Computation
Dr Yingchao (Jane) Zhang Durham Business School
  • Human Resource Analytics
  • Corporate Governance and Performance Management
  • Compensation and Worker Motivation, Selection, and Teamwork.
  • Data Driven Decision Analysis
  • Behavioural Economics
Dr Eric Egan  Music
  • Contemporary art music
  • Composition
  • Expressing environments through music
  • Societal engagement through abstract sonic structures
  • Exploring historical narratives through sound
  • Musical notation of movement-based gestures
Professor Rob Barton Anthropology
  • Behavioural ecology and sociobiology
  • Evolution of mamalian reproductive traits
  • Primate evolution and behaviour
  • Brain evolution
  • Cognitive evolution
Dr Eamonn Bell Computer Science
  • digital musicology
  • media history
  • digital humanities
  • history of technology
Professor Julie-Marie Strange History
  • Class, Emotion, Material Culture, Gender and Sexuality, Animals/ Dogs
  • Victorians
Dr Liam Liburd History
  • Black British history
  • History of 'race' & racism in modern Britain
  • History of the British white supremacist movement
  • British imperial history
  • The legacies of empire & decolonisation
Dr Zanna Clay  
  • Primate Conservation
  • Comparative Affective Science
  • Social cognition
  • Evolution of language and culture
  • Evolution and development of empathy
  • Primate behaviour
  • Science outreach - primatology
  • Development of communication and social learning
  • Primate vocal communication
  • Animal cognition
  • Child gesture development
  • Applications to primate conservation
Dr Alex Campolo Geography
  • History of statistics and data
  • Machine learning and algorithms
  • Social theory
Dr Karolina W. Nieberle Psychology
  • Leader and follower identity dynamics
  • Followership
  • Shared leadership
  • Employee voice behaviour
Dr Helen Roche History
  • German history from the nineteenth century onwards; National Socialism; Italian Fascism
  • Austrian history during the inter-war period; comparative fascism studies
  • History of childhood and history of education, especially German elite education and humanistic education
  • Youth exchange during the twentieth century; Anglo-German relations
  • History and memory in post-war Germany
  • Classical reception in general, and German philhellenism in particular
  • Greco-German relations from the eighteenth century to the present
Professor Helen Fenwick Durham Law School
  • Counter-terrorist law and policy
  • Media freedom of expression (in particular contempt law, obscenity law and privacy law)
  • Public protest
  • Human Rights Act; proposals for a Bill of Rights
Professor William Lucy Durham Law School
  • legal philosophy
  • philosophy of private law
  • the normative standing of access to justice
  • adjudication and legal reasoning
Dr Fabian Wadsworth  Department of Earth Sciences
  • The permeability of random heterogeneous materials, with specific applications to volcanic and other crustal rocks. 
  • The coalescence of large heterogeneous arrays of viscous liquid droplets under surface tension, applied pressures, and chemical disequilibrium conditions.
  • The viscoelastic response of multiphase magmas to stress, including cycles of material rupture and healing.
Professor Tourmas Eerola Department of Music
  • Music and emotions
  • Music perception, particularly melody, rhythm and timbre
  • Music and movement