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25 April 2022 - 25 April 2022

1:00PM - 6:00PM

PCL048, Palatine Centre, The Palatine Centre Durham University Stockton Road Durham, DH1 3LE

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Join us for what will be a fascinating event with Undergraduate and Master’s student speakers from across the UK and beyond, plus a Ph.D. panel.

Focusing on an array of animals, from lemurs to chickens, students will present on a diverse set of topics including:

• international and comparative perspectives of animal law
• dognapping and the illegal wildlife trade
• interdisciplinary perspectives drawing from feminist and disability studies
• lab-grown meat and the relationship between human and animal interests

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12:45 – 1 Refreshments (PCL048, Palatine Centre)

1-1:15 Welcome from Durham A-Law Chapter and Introduction by Debbie Rook (PCL048)

1:15 – 2:05
 PANEL 1 Animal Welfare (PCL048)

  • Conor MACKLIN (LLB Newcastle University):  Fish, The Forgotten Farmed Animals
  • Melissa KNOTT (MSc University of Glasgow): Policy, Private Standards, and Public Attitudes: A Comparison of Animal Welfare Standards Between the UK and Denmark
  • Md Mominul HAMID (LLB Northumbria University):  Why Should We Care About Chickens?

2:10 – 3 PANEL 2 Interdisciplinary Perspectives (PCL048)

  • Maja WRÓBLEWSKA (BA University of Warsaw): Ableism and Speciesism: The Juxtaposition of Disability and Interspecies Studies in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Phoebe GLIDE (LLB Newcastle University): Dismantling Dominance: An (Intersectional) Feminist Critique of Animal Oppression
  • Vanessa GARBINI-GISCHKOW (LLM Lewis & Clark Law School): Can Animals be Refugees?

3 – 4 BREAK (PCL054, Palatine Centre)

4 – 5:05 PANEL 3 Companion Animals (PCL048)

  • Jayden JOHNSON (LLB Northumbria University): The Invisibility of Mental Disability: A Critical Analysis of No Pet Covenants in Residential Leases in England and Wales with Reference to the Equality Act 2010 and Suggestions for Reform
  • Charlotte EDGAR (LLM Lewis & Clark Law School): ‘Dognapping’ in the UK: Does the Theft Act 1968 Provide Appropriate Protections to Companion Animals?
  • Ella WILBURN, Jenna METCALFE, Dan ANDERSON and Beshanka SIDOU (Policy Clinic, Northumbria University): An Empirical Study into Private Landlords’ Views of Renting to Tenants with Pets in England
  • Gretta DATTAN (MCL University College Dublin): Lemurs in (Legal) Limbo? Regulating the Exotic Pet Trade in Ireland

5:10 – 6 Ph.D. PANEL (PCL048)

  • Sandrine LAGE (Sorbonne Paris IV): Wild Animals Less Equal than Others? Representations of Wild Animals in French Media
  • Scarlett SWAIN (Durham University): Utilitarianism and Lab-Grown Meat
  • Dara EISEN (Durham University)International Law, Whaling, and Culture: How do we Balance Human and Animal Interests?

5:55 – 6 Closing Remarks (PCL048)