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19 February 2024 - 19 February 2024

1:00PM - 2:00PM

Cosin's Hall, Seminar Room, Palace Green

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IAS Fellows' Seminar by Dr Kateryna Ivashchenko-Stadnik (Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)

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This seminar provides a concise overview of the sociological perspective on Ukraine's transformations since 2014, with a focus on key milestones and significant societal changes observed since 2014 in comparison to the preceding period. Recent developments since February 2022 will be addressed to question the reversibility of observed shifts and to explore what these dynamics mean in the European context. 

Additionally, a new book titled Eight Years After the Revolution of Dignity: what has changed in Ukraine during 2013–2021? by Vladimir Dubrovskiy, Kálmán Mizsei, and Kateryna Ivashchenko-Stadnik, in collaboration with Mychailo Wynnyckyj, will be announced. The book features a foreword by a prominent Ukrainian historian Yaroslav Hrytsak and is published by IBIDEM Press in November 2023. This multidisciplinary study offers a comprehensive view of the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity, framing it as an ongoing process that intertwines societal, economic, political, and institutional dynamics.

We are looking for an insightful discussion on Ukraine's transformation journey amidst the unprecedented Russian aggression and the wider implications of these developments for other countries in Europe and beyond. 

Places are limited and so any academic colleagues or students interested in attending in person should register. Registration form here.