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Student Placement Reports

Durham ARCTIC is committed to providing its award-holders with the widest range of opportunities to:

  • Gain new skills and competencies that complement their postgraduate research and training;
  • Apply their knowledge, skills and research in academic and non-academic environments, beyond the limits of Durham University, to contribute to understanding of the Arctic and empowerment of its peoples and institutions.

To help achieve these objectives, Durham ARCTIC runs its own Placement Scheme. Our Placement Scheme is responsive and supports our award-holders to design their own placements, which are tailored to their specific research, training and career development needs.

The following principles underpin our placement scheme:

  • It is student-led: Our award-holders are empowered to develop their own placements, working in partnership with their supervisory team.
  • It is compulsory to the programme:It must be taken by all students within their 3 year programme.

At the end of the placement, award-holders are required to complete and submit a report detailing the skills and experiences that they gained, together with details of the work they conducted and any resulting impact generated from the placement.


Placement Completion reports

Eric Boyd (Cohort 2) - Department of Anthropology
Placement Host Organisation: School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University (SGS)

Ilona Kater (Cohort 1) - Department of Biosciences.
Placement Host Organisation: UmeƄ University, Department of Ecology

Laura Seddon (Cohort 1) - Department of Geography
Placement Host Organisation: Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Giuseppe Amatulli (Cohort 1) - Department of Anthropology
Placement Host Organisation: Land Department of the Doig River First Nation (British Columbia)