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Rivers University 2023

Dr Aaron Neill, research associate within the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience (IHRR) at Durham University, was invited to give a lecture at the River University 2023 course held from 31 July to 4 August in Kutzow See, Oder delta, Germany, co-organised by Coalition Clean Baltic and Rewilding Oder Delta.

The lecture, entitled “Tools to Support Resilient, Nature-based Water Management”, discussed several modelling approaches developed by Dr Aaron Neill (e.g. MAFIO) and other colleagues in the IHRR (e.g. SCIMAP developed by Dr Sim Reaney) to understand the sources and pathways of pollutants and flood waters in the landscape and inform mitigation via nature-based solutions (e.g., tree planting and water retention ponds). It was delivered to the 30 participants of the River University 2023 course, comprising PhD students, established researchers, and those working in industry and practice from across the EU and Eastern Partnership countries.

This was the fourth edition of the River University, with the overarching theme being water pollution and risk management. The week-long course was held at Kurtzow See in Germany, near the Oder River Delta. As well as lectures, the course included a number of field activities, including a bike tour to explore examples of sustainable forest management and agriculture, a canoeing expedition along the River Oder, and a trip on a research catamaran to sample macroinvertebrates.

Many thanks to the organisers, Coalition Clean Baltic and Rewilding Oder Delta, for funding Aaron’s contribution to and participation in River University 2023.


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Photos taken by Dr Aaron Neill