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i-CONN Annual workshop in Jacobs University, Bremen, June 2022

The i-CONN innovative training network held their second annual workshop in Jacobs University, Bremen in June 2022.

The i-CONN network is coordinated by Dr Laura Turnbull-Lloyd and is training 15 early stage researchers (ESRs) across Europe in interdisciplinary connectivity, aiming to understand complex systems using connectivity science with a focus on system resilience, critical nodes and resources, structures and properties of systems and common methods across different disciplines.

i-CONN started just before the pandemic and the consortium successfully battled with the constraints to build a thriving network via Zoom. This annual workshop was an event to celebrate as the first consortium wide activity held in person. The annual workshops are an opportunity to explore the progress of the network, to investigate an aspect of connectivity science in depth and to meet each other. The ESRs, who are applying connectivity science to fields as diverse as neuroscience, river networks and galaxies, reported on their progress. An in-depth exploration of the workshop’s theme ‘a unified framework of methods and approaches in connectivity science’ was guided by seminars from six invited speakers.

For more information on the i-CONN network:

Twitter: @network_iConn

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