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Our Staff

Find out more about our staff.

Professor Brian Castellani

Professor Brian Castellani, PhD, FAcSS - Centre Director
Professor Brian Castellani

Dr Jeremy Kendal

Dr Jeremy Kendal, Co-Director (Research & Professional Development)
headshot Jeremy Kendal

Professor Jochen Einbeck, PhD

Professor Jochen Einbeck, Co-Director (Biostatistics & Apprenticeships)
Headshot of Jochen Einbeck

Dr Cristina Costa

Dr Cristina Costa PhD, Co-Director (MA in Research Methods)
Head & shoulder shot of Cristina Costa

Dr Jonathan Wistow

Dr Jonathan Wistow, Co-Director (Qualitative Complexity Science, Evaluation and Health)
Head & shoulder shot of Jonathan Wistow

Dr Jennifer Badham

Dr Jennifer Badham, Programme Lead for MDS (Health Data Science) and Core member of DRMC
Head & shoulder shot of Jennifer Badham

Dr Juraj Medzihorsky

Dr Juraj Medzihorsky, Programme Lead for MDS (Social Analytics) and Core Member of DRMC
Headshot of Juraj Medzihorsky

Mrs Laura Masterman

Mrs Laura Masterman, Centre Coordinator
Head & shoulder shot of Laura Masterman