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Research Theme 3

THEME 3: Developing interdisciplinary methods for knowledge advancement
Leveraging perspectives and developments across disciplines facilitates methodological innovation critical to scientific knowledge advancement. Advancing interdisciplinary methods remains ‘the backbone’ of the DRMC.  The DRMC will deliver pioneering methods and techniques by exploiting synergies in methodological and computational developments across disciplines, to aid all stages of knowledge advancement, from measurement and theory development to more resolved measurement/data issues. We are focused on two areas:
FOCUS 1: Innovating computational social science
FOCUS 2: Advancing interdisciplinary methods


Current projects linked to this theme involving our DRMC team include:

FOCUS 1: Innovating Computational Social Science 

  • Case-based complexity.
  • Data visualisation and visual complexity.
  • Modelling cultural evolution: – exploring how to measure cultural variation, and modelling mechanisms of transmission mutation, drift, and selection.
  • Interpretable (robust, semiparametric) estimation (for modeling unobserved heterogeneity / for contaminated data).
  •  Realistic social networks for simulation.

 FOCUS 2: Advancing Interdisciplinary Methods 

  • Novel methods to explore sport, exercise, physical activity, and inequalities.
  • Case-based computational modelling and qualitative methods.
  • Mixed methods to study cultural evolution.
  • Co-production and participatory research.