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Durham Biostatistics Unit (DBU)

The Durham Biostatistics Unit is a new joint unit between the Durham Research Methods Centre (DRMC) and the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  The unit is supported by several members of the DRMC as well as the Statistics group of the Department for Mathematical Sciences. The unit collaborates with neighbouring NHS Trusts and our regional Research Design Service-North East, working with clinicians and academic colleagues to develop grant applications in health research. The scope of the unit is beyond purely applied and consultative aspects, with a focus on developing new statistical methodology to support applied health research both in the UK and globally, especially with view to clinical trials and the evaluation of health interventions.

The Scope of the Unit

  • Design and analysis of clinical trials
  • Design and analysis of interventional studies
  • Analysis of small-scale, pilot studies, and opportunity samples
  • Analysis of genetic/omics data
  • Survival (time-to-event) data
  • Electronic health record data
  • Predictive modelling
  • Epidemiology
  • Analysis of biomarkers including statistical dosimetry
  • Health inequalities, nutrition and global health topics
  • Sampling and Simulation
  • Computer models, Statistical emulation

The Durham Biostatistics unit has a strong methodological focus and is particularly interested in embarking on collaborative work which exceeds `plain data analysis’, also raising methodological challenges.  The unit has expertise in both Frequentist and Bayesian Statistics.  We are keen on receiving both internal and external requests for collaboration. 

Core Members of the Unit


  • Dr Rui Carvalho
  • Professor Frank Coolen
  • Dr Tahani Coolen-Maturi
  • Dr Reza Drikvandi
  • Dr Hailiang Du
  • Dr Sam Jackson
  • Professor Ian Jermyn
  • Dr Monica Stephens
  • Dr Ian Terry
  • Professor Darren Wilkinson
  • Dr Sarah Wieten
  • Germaine Uwimpuhwe
  • Professor John Paul Gosling
  • Andrew Krause
  • Konstantinos Perrakis
  • Dr Ehsan Kharati
  • Dr Janelle Wagnild
  • Dr Adrian Brennan
  • Professor Peter Craig
  • Dr Vincent Croset
  • Dr Miguel de-Lucas
  • Professor Jim Ridgway
  • Professor Philip Stephens
  • Professor Ian Vernon
  • Dr Andreanna Welch
  • Professor Stephen Willis
  • Dr Bilal Ashraf
  • Dr Nasima Akhter

We are keen on receiving both internal and external requests for collaboration. Please get in touch via