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Reproducibility Seminar

The DRMC have organised a seminar called “On the reproducibility issue: Will psychological science ever exorcise Laplace’s Demon?” with: Professor Christophe Gernigon, Psychology of Sport & Exercise, Professeur des Universités, Laboratoire EuroMov Digital Health in Motion, Equipe Perception in Action & Synchronization (PIAS).
Psychology Headspace

Using Genomic Prediction to Detect Microevolutionary Change of a Quantitative Trait

Detecting microevolutionary responses to natural selection by observing temporal changes in individual breeding values is challenging. Our Statistician, Bilal Ashraf has recently been involved in producing this interesting paper.
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ReproHack @ Durham University

In collaboration with the University’s Advanced Research Computing, Durham RIOTs, and the Research Data Management Teams, we’re running a half-day ReproHack event on Thursday 19th May 2022, 9.30am-2.30pm. The event will be registered with the international ReproHack Hub. (This event is only open for Durham University staff and research students ONLY)
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DRMC Bulletin Epiphany Term 2022

We would like to share our most recent Bulletin. In this issue we have outlined the new focus for DRMC, highlighted a new Research Café event, Reprohack and provided updates on the Biostatistics Unit and our MA in Research Methods.
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DRMC Bulletin Michaelmas Term 2021

In this issue look out for the following topics - The Introduction of our new Centre Director, Professor Brian Castellani and new core DRMC members of staff; an overview of the inaugural Christine Merrell Annual Methods Lecture 2021; teaching research methods conversations; updates from MARM and about Developing New Research.
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DRMC Bulletin Easter Term 2021

In this issue we make an announcement about our Inaugural Annual Methods Lecture; there is a farewell note from our centre director, Professor Adetayo Kasim; an introduction to Professor Steve Higgins' EEF online teaching and learning toolkit; an introduction to the Durham Biostatistics Unit; and updates from MARM and the Research Café conversations.
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DRMC Bulletin Epiphany Term 2021

In this issue we pay tribute to Professor Christine Merrell; highlight research including the Templeton capacity building grant and Durham CREATE; give updates from MARM and the new Master in Data Science (MDS); and information on courses & workshops including Decolonisation with Stellenbosch, The R Course and the collaboration with the NCRM.
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DRMC Bulletin Michaelmas Term 2020

In this inaugural issue we would like to introduce you to the DRMC Team; highlight a showcase of our PhD student Catherine Marley; highlight a showcase of our intern Mengchu Li; give you more information about he MA in Social Research Methods (MARM), our courses & workshops; and information about our research & grant news.
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