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Outside the Calman Learning Centre

DRMC Week!!! Monday 13th – Friday 17th May 2024!

We are delighted to announce DRMC Week!! 

Monday 13th May 2024, 1-2pm, MCS2068, Mathematical Sciences & Computer Science Building

Biostatistics Unit Seminar with speaker Dr Heather Cordell from Newcastle University on the topic of the bayesian network approach. A Bayesian network approach incorporating imputation of missing data allows exploration of complex causal biological relationships between variables associated with type 2 diabetes. See our Events section for more information.

Tuesday 14th May 2024, 11am-12pm, DRMC/Nine DTP Hub, Arthur Holmes Building

Dr Jennifer Badham  will be talking at the Durham RIOTS Easter term series.

Wednesday 15th May 2023 at 5-6.30pm, ER142, Elvet Riverside - SIGN UP NOW!!!

DRMC's Annual Methods Lecture for 2024, in honour and memory of Professor Christine Merrell. The Lecture is titled ‘A crucial aspect of the polycrisis  facing humanity – the crisis in the methods of science we can deploy to confront it' by Professor Dave Byrne, Emeritus Professor in the Department of Sociology, Durham University and Fellow of the Durham Research Methods Centre.

For further information and to register for this event please visit the Annual Lecture section or visit this event page.