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IAA award

We are pleased to announce that Wolfson Fellow and Pain Academy Lead Paul Chazot and the IAA project team have been shortlisted for an award at the Celebration of Impact event.

The IAA project, Combined Deep learning-based image and blink-rate analysis, and tear protein biomarker detection for effective Parkinsons disease and Progressive supranuclear palsy diagnostic screening has been shortlisted for an award at the Celebration of Impact event on 30th April. The team have been nominated in the award category “Best interdisciplinary / cross-team working demonstrated” 

Project team: Dr. Mujeeb Chaudhry (PI, Engineering); Prof. Paul Chazot (co-I, Biosciences); Dr. Rahele Kafieh (co-I, Engineering); Prof. Dan Smith (co-I, Psychology), Dr. Gurashish Singh (PDRA)

Partner: Nevrargenics Ltd

Prof Chazot’s research into the identification, characterisation and validation of novel drug targets for the treatment of central nervous system diseases is combined with Dr Chaudhry’s expertise in organic semiconductors and electronics in this project to establish robust early diagnostic principles for Parkinsons Disease and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.  The project is exploring deep learning based image analysis of eye-blink-rate alongside the development of organic electrochemical transistors for ocular tear protein detection. The unique combination of methods in the project will enable evaluation, comparison and interaction to ultimately produce a reliable and non-invasive early stage diagnostic for neurodegenerative disease.

Many congratulations and good luck Paul!

Further Information:

Visit Prof Paul Chazot's staff page at Durham University.