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Before University

It's never too soon to start planning your future and the Careers & Enterprise Centre is here to help even before you arrive at university. We support the University's Pre-application open days and Post-offer visit days, during which you can drop into the Centre to browse our extensive information and guidance resources that are available to help students and graduates to progress in their careers. Speak to a member of the team to learn more about our range of activities and support available.

For more information on open days and visit days, please visit our Pre-application Open Days pages.

Durham Graduate Destinations

Finding out what our graduates have gone on to do after leaving is very important and we collect information from graduates after they leave university, to find out more about what they are doing. Data is now collected 15 months after graduation using the new Graduate Outcomes Survey. The first survey was conducted in December 2018, with the data published in summer 2020.

You can find the data at the national level on the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) website.

What Durham Graduates Do

Use the links below to view the destination data for each department within the University from the last Graduate Outcomes (GO) survey (2017/18). This data was collected 15 months after graduation. This includes data on the proportion of graduates that were in work and/or further study and the average salary of graduates.

Arts & Humanities


Social Science


Comparing Graduate Destinations

Destinations data, provided by HESA, is one element often used in national press league tables to compare different institutions, usually on a subject basis.

National league tables include:

Please be aware that the methodology used to calculate the scores in each league table is different.