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Past Exhibitions

Find out more about our previous exhibitions and art installations.

Beneath our Feet

See recent archaeological discoveries in County Durham and learn about how archaeology is organised in the region in our first community archaeology exhibition.
Photograph of volunteers excavating at Great Chilton


Find out about the hidden world of decay in museums through this exhibition looking at the effects of time on objects.
Students installing the Decay exhibition.

Durham Archaeology Explorers

Find out more about the Durham Archaeology Explorers in our Community Archaeology Case.
Durham Archaeology Explorers preparing their exhibition

Everyone's History

Celebrate 20 years of the Portable Antiquities Scheme and the Treasure Act, as well as the archaeology discovered every day by the public.
Anglo-Saxon Pyramid Mount

Munitionettes and Miners

Munitionettes and Miners uncovers the important roles of County Durham men and women during World War I.
Exhibition Title for the Munitionettes & Miners Exhibition

Prehistoric Pioneers

This exciting exhibition explores the daily lives of our pioneering prehistoric ancestors.
Two students are installing Bronze Age axe head in the Museum of Archaeology

Shattering Perceptions

An exhibition exploring the diverse achievements of women in archaeology.
Graphic of a Roman Samian bowl being shattered

Trypillia Mega Sites

Based on a project to study early urbanism in prehistoric Europe, this international exhibition explores the Trypillia mega-sites of Ukraine.
Trypillia Mega-Sites Exhibition

Volunteers of the Museum of Archaeology

This exhibition highlights some of the recent work carried out by our team of volunteers at the Museum of Archaeology.
Photograph of a volunteer at the Museum of Archaeology working with the collection.

Picturing the Romans

Picturing the Romans invited visitors to explore the daily life of Romans through images found on Samian Ware, a type of decorated Roman pottery.
Samian Ware, a type of decorated Roman pottery.