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Examples of our actions toward SDG 4

We're committed to supporting the best students irrespective of financial circumstances, through a host of scholarships that we deliver. We offer courses in up to 20 different languages for Durham University students, staff and members of the public, ranging from beginners to higher advanced level.

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Our school of Education’s research and impact activity is our vision of a more equitable world in which education, informed by innovative high-quality research, plays a vital role in enabling individuals, communities and societies to flourish, for example establishing routes for sustainable education. A study to compare the learning levels of children who attended early years of formal education with those who have had no chance of attending formal education.
Establishing routes for sustainable education
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Our highly-rated School of Education has developed a pioneering toolkit to ensure funding for pupils, and especially disadvantaged children, is spent effectively. The Teaching and Learning Toolkit helps schools in the UK and around the world to decide how to make the most of funding they are allocated by government.
Toolkit supports better learning for disadvantaged pupils
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Wider Student Experience

The Game Changer Innovation Programme, delivered by the Enterprise Team in Careers & Enterprise, has been chosen as one of 21 case studies to feature in the United Nations 'Sustainable Development Goals: Success Stories and Lessons Learned' publication. Game Changer engages students with the Sustainable Development Goals and challenges them to generate innovative solutions using Design Thinking methodology. Since its launch in 2019, the programme has engaged over 700 s
The Game Changer Innovation Programme
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Living the Values

Glowcycle, one of Enactus' student led projects, provides a community for female ex-prisoners through a variety of creative and skill-based workshops. Via the use of various individual and group based activities, we aim to help improve the employability and social skills of previously incarcerated women
Find out more about Glowcycle
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We work with Ukrainian university Zaporizhzhia National University (ZNU) on academic research & supported ZNU’s teaching, taking place remotely. The Ukrainian Talk Series, an ongoing programme of public events involving panellists from ZNU, Durham & experts from the international community, is hosted by our History Department. We’re also working closely with the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA), who support academic fellowships for those who are at risk in their home country
Partner with Council for At Risk Academics
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Local and Regional

Dyslexia is subject to multiple understandings and interpretations, and the proliferation of a ‘dyslexia industry’ in which so-called dyslexics are differentiated from other poor readers has led to significant problems of equity. Read about the impact of Professor Elliot's work that has led to many Local Authorities in England publishing policy documents which cite his research and his close collaborators are now actively working with LAs across the country.
Research and Impact case studies
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Governance and Policy

The iPIPS (international Performance Indicators in Primary Schools) project, is a monitoring system for the first year of school which has had significant and extensive impact on pedagogical understanding, policy and practice in England, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and Lesotho. Policy changes have included the introduction of assessment at the start of school in England; the creation of new educational instructional material and approaches in Rio de Janeiro, Braziland more
Find out more The iPIPS project
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Promoting learning and education for all

Our Libraries and Museums and Attractions promote learning and education for all. We are home to internationally important collections from across history and around the globe. We welcome visitors to our museums and galleries and garden. Our venues are open year-round and are open to all.

Our Venues open to all Our amazing resources and fantastic spaces