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Student Pledge

When you join Durham University, you become part of our community and of the wider community in which we are proud to be located.

The global coronavirus pandemic means that now, more than ever, we all need to work to support each other, to behave appropriately and with consideration, and to uphold the values of our institution – to be inspiring, challenging, innovative, responsible and enabling.

As part of joining the community we ask our students to agree to be good citizens by signing up to the pledge below which forms part of the University’s regulations. Part of being a good citizen while restrictions continue will be a commitment to act in ways that keep you and others safe in respect of Covid-19. The University has therefore added a new section to the Student Pledge to reflect this.

Three students wearing graduation gowns outside Durham Cathedral
My pledge to myself

I undertake to:

  • Hold myself to the highest possible standards;
  • Conduct myself with integrity and dignity in all matters;
  • Demonstrate high standards of personal conduct in my interactions with the University and the wider Durham community.


My pledge to others
Group of hands on top of each other

I undertake to:

  • Respect diversity and the promotion of equal opportunity for all;
  • Treat other students, staff and members of the wider community with respect and tolerance, irrespective of their race, colour, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, nationality or disability;
  • Promote a culture in which incidents of sexual violence and misconduct are not tolerated;
  • Be a good and considerate neighbour while living in College or within the wider Durham community.
Student working on a laptop
My pledge to my educational experience

I undertake to:

  • Engage with my academic studies to the very best of my abilities both as an independent learner and as part of the community of practice within my academic department(s);



  • Conduct myself with honesty and integrity in pursuit of my education, respecting the University's rules on plagiarism, research misconduct, and the use of the IT and Library facilities;
  • Respect freedom of expression.


My pledge during the global pandemic

In respect of Covid-19, for the wellbeing of our entire community, I undertake to:

  • Ensure that I am up to date with and follow the latest Government and University guidance on reducing the spread of Covid-19;
  • Play my part in making sure that the communities of which I am a part, where I live, work, and study are as safe as they can be. Key to this is helping to ensure that all members of my social groups actively work together as responsible, socially aware communities;
  • Follow the necessary NHS processes if I display Covid-19 symptoms, follow guidance to self-isolate and get a test, as well as report within the University;
  • Show understanding that the Covid-19 pandemic is a challenging time for everyone and behave in a way that recognises and respects the concerns of other students, local residents and the wider community;
  • Ensure that my behaviour is respectful at all times when engaging with my studies and the wider student experience in online environments.

Durham branded banner with the word 'Protect Yourself, Protect Others'.


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HM Evans & TP Burt
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