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Covid-19 cell

Ground-breaking research carried out at our Computer Science Department has helped Government and other organisations to curb the spread of Covid-19. Our scientists and students are conducting pioneering research making a direct impact in the real-world.

Diagnosing Covid-19 with X-rays

Our leading computer scientists have created an artificial intelligence program that can decipher X-rays and CT scans for diagnosis by radiologists.

The program is based on something called a deep convolutional neural network; a type of algorithm typically used to analyse images.

Such algorithms can pick out the key features of images and classify those that have similarities and differences.

The researchers developed an app based on the algorithms for use outside of the lab.

This app will not replace PCR,but it could be very effective in A&E departments where patients come in with severe illness.

It would allow for a chest X-ray to be quickly taken and analysed, and if the patient is Covid positive, treatment could start straightaway rather than waiting for lab results.

UK’s vaccine rollout

Our Computer Science students have worked with NHS Digital, part of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to develop part of the NHS Covid Vaccine Booking system.

Our students worked with the NHS Digital to enhance how different NHS computer programmes interact, or ‘talk’ to each other.

This included developing the Patient Demographic Service (PDS) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) Application Programming Interface (API), an integral part of the NHS COVID Vaccine Booking system.

It is important to us that our students get as much experience as possible of the world of work while they’re with us.

We know it really helps their employment prospects on graduating.

So, each year our Computer Science undergraduates get the opportunity to work on a real-life computing challenge.

They work with real clients and develop real solutions, learning how to work together in teams and to deadlines as they go.

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Our Department of Computer Science is growing, with ambitious plans for the future and an inclusive, vibrant and international community at its heart. Ranked as a UK Top 10 Department (Complete University Guide 2023), our students develop knowledge and gain essential and transferable skills through high quality teaching, delivered by a passionate team of leading academics.

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