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Overview of Department Committees


Board of Studies

Chair: Charles Augarde – Head of Department

Secretary: Ruth Vater – Department Manager


Boards of Examiners

Chair: Claudio Balocco

Secretary: Charlotte Quarless - Learning and Teaching Manager;

                 Ruth Vater – Department Manager


Education Committee

Chair: Christopher Crabtree – Director of Education

Secretary: Charlotte Quarless - Learning and Teaching Manager


Research Committee

Chair: Alton Horsfall - Director of Research

Secretary: Su Stinchcombe – Senior Research Administrator


EDI Committee

Chair: Andrew Gallant - Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Secretary: Louise Gascoigne - PGR Co-ordinator


Health and Safety Committee

Chair: Charles Augarde - Head of Department

Secretary: Kelly Brown – Operations Administrator


IT Management Committee

Chair: Rod MacKenzie

Secretary: Natalie Dent - Learning and Teaching Administrator 


Publicity and Communications Committee

Chair: Lian Gan

Secretary: TBC – Operations Administrator


Programme Delivery Group

Chair: Grant Ingram - Director of Taught Studies

Secretary: Vacant - Learning and Teaching Coordinator


Student Monitoring Group

Chair: TBC – Deputy Director of Taught Studies

Secretary: Charlotte Quarless - Learning and Teaching Manager;

                 Vacant – Learning and Teaching Coordinator


UG/PGT Student Staff Consultative Committee

Chair: Grant Ingram – Director of Taught Studies

Secretary: Vacant - Learning and Teaching Administrator 

Members: Thomas Redfern (Student Co-Chair), Max Albert, Luke Deacon, Vedika Bedi, Luke Deacon, Zeynep Erismis, Victor Onyia, Naill Smith, Colin Theakston, Emma Tsoi, James Watson-Gandy, Sam Whelan, Mohammed Zaman Ul-Haque, Prof Claudio Balocco, Prof Christopher Crabtree,  Dr Lian Gan, Dr Stefano Giani, Dr Aissa Ikhlef, Dom Laurens, Dr Peter Matthews, Dr Charlotte Quarless, Dr Ruth Vater 


PGR Student Staff Consultative Committee

Chair: Will Coombs – Director of PGR Studies

Secretary: Louise Gascoigne - PGR Co-ordinator

Members: Sophie Draper, Louise Gascoigne, Benedict Jones, Matthew Littlefair, Rigoberto Ortega-Chavez, Diana Pina-Gongora, Lydia Robinson, Dr Ruth Vater