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15 March 2022 - 15 March 2022

5:30PM - 6:30PM


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A History Now! roundtable including Lily Chadwick, Erika Graham-Goering, and Carrie Long, all Durham University, in Women's History Month 2022 - all welcome!

Women’s History Month celebrates women's contributions to culture and society in different periods and places. It rightly champions progressive movements that have fought for gender equality in the modern period, such as the women’s suffrage movement in Britain.

But what authority did women have in society before they won the vote? This roundtable explores women’s lives over the long run, from the middle ages to the nineteenth century. Our subjects include Quakers, petitioners, and noblewomen. How did these women make their voices heard? We will consider how women negotiated access to power through formal and informal means, including writing, preaching, and engaging in political negotiation. Together, our speakers will open up new perspectives on women and authority in history based on their latest research.