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Post-offer Visit Day


A warm welcome to you from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Durham University!

At Durham, we prepare our students with so much more than simply a technical proficiency in mathematics.  Instead, our students are regularly exposed to the elegance of mathematics as an intellectual discipline and to its enormous power as a tool for solving scientific problems.  We offer a balanced honours degree programme which allows a choice from a wide spectrum of pure mathematics, applied mathematics (including mathematical physics) and statistics.  This gives you the opportunity to specialise in a branch of mathematics or continue to study a broad range throughout your degree.  We look forward to welcoming you to the visit day, and to Durham as a place to live and study, soon.  The programme of events [see box below] in the Department will give you an opportunity to learn more about our programmes, to meet with staff and students, to give you a flavour of the place, and to inspire you mathematically.  We hope you have a fascinating and enjoyable visit!

A short video of introduction from the Admissions Tutor can be found here. 



Department Information

Mathematical Sciences is a thriving, friendly department of around 100 permanent staff with an annual intake of about 300 Single Honours undergraduates plus many Joint Honours students.

Our Department is situated on the Science Site to the south of the City centre, within easy reach of all Durham Colleges and is close to the University Library.

Coordinates: 54.7637,-1.5720

March Event: Tuesday 22 March 2022

We have prepared a series of events in the Department during the day which we hope you find entertaining and informative.  All events are in the Mathematics and Computer Science Building (Google Map).



(Scott Logic Lecture Theatre)

Introductory Talk

(Dr Peter Bowcock)


MCS Level 2

(t.b.a. on the day)


Meet Staff and Students

View Project Posters

11:30-12:15 MCS0001 Mini-Lecture
12:15-13:00 MCS0001 Entertainment Talk


Information for guests

Although it is not possible to allow guests to participate in the academic taster, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all our guests of offer-holders and would invite you to visit the Department in the break between 10:45 and 11:30 for refreshments and the opportunity to meet and speakt to some of our Department staff and students.  There are also many attractions to visit in Durham such as the nearby Botanic Gardens.