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German Language 2A

This module aims to consolidate the oral and written language skills acquired in the course of GERM 1011, and also introduces students to the skill of interpreting. The course is based on a range of topics that seek to address social, cultural and political issues that affect the German-speaking countries, while simultaneously preparing students for undertaking work and study abroad.

Recommended Texts

You will also require the latest editions of the following grammar books:

  • Durrell, Martin, Hammer's German Grammar and Usage (London: Arnold)
  • Durrell, Martin, Katrin Kohl and Gudrun Loftus, Practicing German Grammar: A Workbook (London: Arnold)
  • A good German<>English dictionary (either Oxford/Duden or Collins)

We would also recommend the purchase of a good monolingual German dictionary (Duden or Wahrig).

Coordinator:  Dr Tracey Reimann-Dawe

Further details of pre-requisites, co-requisites, aims, contact hours and assessment.