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Philosophy of Life: In conversation with Professor Nancy Cartwright (at 80)

On 22 June 2024, our Department of Philosophy threw a party to honour and celebrate the world-class academic achievements of our colleague, Nancy Cartwright, to mark the occasion of her 80th birthday.
Nancy Cartwright at 80 (Photo: Mags Leighton)

Transformative Humanities framework launched

Durham University's Transformative Humanities launched yesterday and gathered more than 130 researchers, colleagues, students, and partners from across the region and beyond to celebrate this new interdisciplinary framework.
Transformative Humanities launch news banner

Durham philosopher selected as BBC New Generation Thinker

Dr Jack Symes has been recognised as one of the UK’s most promising arts and humanities early career researchers.
Dr Jack Symes stood in front of a wall. The text reads BBC New Generation Thinker

The mystery of consciousness shows there may be a limit to what science alone can achieve

Science is rightly celebrated, but as the problem of consciousness is revealing, there may be a limit to what we can learn through science alone, argues Professor Philip Goff in our Department of Philosophy.
A picture of a head with colourful tiles inside

Durham philosopher explores the mystery of existence with his second book

A researcher in our Philosophy department has released his second book, which aims to explore the mysteries behind how everything came to exist.
Dr Jack Symes pictured after releasing his second book

What does social justice mean and why does it matter?

As part of World Day of Social Justice, Dr Simona Capisani, who works in our Philosophy department, explains how her research looks to address structural and historical injustices and inequalities in the context of climate and environmental change.
International Society for Environmental Ethics Summer Meeting in H.J. Andrews Forest Research Station, Blue River Oregon)

Durham research has a lasting global impact

We have launched a new Global Research Brochure where we shine a light on some of our incredible researchers who are making a difference in the world.
A globe with lines showing connections between different parts of the world.

How to prove you’ve discovered alien life – new research

Professor Peter Vickers from our Department of Philosophy discusses the findings of his new research paper published in the journal of Astrobiology.

Expecting the Unexpected: Philosophy in the search for the Extra-terrestrial

Dr Christopher Cowie, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy recently took part in the Being Human Festival, a nationwide festival which engages a wide audience in the breadth of humanities research. He tells us how philosophers can contribute to questions about life in space.

Putting Santa (and anything else) on a Timeline

Dr Emily Thomas, Department of Philosophy, writes on space and time in seventeenth to early twentieth century philosophy. She shows us how you can turn any history into a timeline - this one was inspired by a history of Santa Claus.
Santa's outfits through time

Professor Peter Vickers launches new book - Identifying Future-Proof Science

Professor Peter Vickers from our Philosophy Department launches a new book, Identifying Future-Proof Science, on 30 November 2022.
Future-proof science book

The world is getting exponentially more complex – here’s how we navigate it

Professor Alex Broadbent from our Department of Philosophy shares his thoughts on complexity of the world and rules for navigating it.
Complex world