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Research and Impact

At Durham, we have a very different vision of the life of the philosopher. For us, philosophy is a joint enterprise, a subject that one makes progress in through conversation, collaboration, and community.

We work collaboratively in research on major research projects, we support and learn from each other through our research clusters and we talk philosophy together in our numerous reading groups. We are mindful of the need to ensure that the intellectual and professional environment in which we think, work and learn together, is a welcoming and respectful setting in which philosophical talent can thrive and feel supported. To this end we implement the BPA/SWIP Good Practice Scheme.
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Our research culture

Our research culture revolves around a cluster of themed research groups, made up of lecturers, researchers, and post-grads who meet regularly in the department (and the Dun Cow pub). We discuss each other's work, host visiting speakers, participate in reading groups, workshops and seminars.

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