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Themed Research Clusters

Much (but not all!) of our department research falls under these broad themes. 


Aesthetics, Ethics and Politics

Understanding why we consider something as 'valuable'; exploring ways to re-evaluate the assumptions behind such decisions, towards a bigger understanding of ourselves
Philosophy books on a shelf

Mind, Language and Metaphysics

Exploring 'all that is'; interrogating the reality of matter space and time, our understanding, intention, language, freedom of thought and action, to that which 'is not'
Philosophy books on a shelf with blurred person in background

Science, Medicine and Society

A rare gathering of expertise exploring how we investigate and care for ourselves and our world, and how this is expressed through our cultures and approach to health
Philosophy books placed on grass

History of Philosophy

Examining the ancient and recent history of our discipline and its pioneers, to understand the origins of problems discussed today, and how we reconcile this diversity
Woman browsing philosophy books on library shelves