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24 February 2021 - 21 February 2021

6:00PM - 7:00PM

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On Wednesday 24 February, 6-7pm, the Department of Classics and Ancient History will be hosting its third LGBT History Month Annual Public Lecture. Cheryl Morgan will be delivering a lecture on 'The Transitioned Empire: Trans Lives in Ancient Rome'.

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'The Roman world had, in some ways, far more gender diversity in it than we have today. Also, Romans firmly believed that people could change sex if the gods willed it so. Cheryl Morgan's thought-provoking talk, suitable for all audiences, will cover a variety of trans and intersex characters from the Roman world. We'll meet the Emperor who wanted to be a woman, the Empress who grew up as a boy, the genius intersex philosopher, eunuchs who grew up as girls and many others, some of whom lived here in the Province of Britannia.' 

This year, the lecture will take place online via Zoom and will be chaired by Prof. Jennifer Ingleheart.

Everyone is very welcome.