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BA Politics and International Relations (L253)

The programme aims to give students a systematic and rigorous understanding of the disciplines of Politics and International Relations.

Teaching is structured around three main streams: Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory. Students move from introductory in each of these areas in their early years to more specialised options, enabling students focus on a specific sub-field or topic, analyse the politics and international relations of specific regions and countries, and engage theoretical examinations that help us make sense of a complex, inter-connected, and rapidly changing world. Students will gain an appreciation and a more nuanced understanding of, as well as the ability to engage with current issues and debates, including those at the forefront of current research and enquiry. Upon completion of their studies, students will be able to describe and comment on current research, and possess knowledge and skills that enable them to complete their own research, employing appropriate techniques and analysis methods.

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