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BA Politics (L200)

The programme aims to give students a systematic and rigorous understanding of key aspects of the discipline of Politics, enabling them to engage critically with the subject and its significance for the wider human activity.

Teaching is structured two streams: Comparative Politics and Political Theory. Students move from generalist courses in these areas in their early years to more specialised options which explore the diverse and dynamic politics of the contemporary world. Such areas include, but are not limited to, Comparative Political Development, European Politics, British Politics, Western Political Thought, Political Theory, and regional politics, such as the politics of East Asia and the Middle East.

Students will gain detailed knowledge, informed by the development at the forefront of academic enquiry and specific aspects of the subject. They will gain a wider understanding of key issues, such as the role of political institutions in different contexts, the justification of states and violence, the role of race, gender, and ethnicity in political behaviour, and liberty, through rigorously applying and combining theory and methods. This enables students to describe, analyse, and comment on current research and use the gained knowledge and skills to complete their own research, employing sophisticated techniques of analysis and enquiry.

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