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Communities and Social Justice

The Communities and Social Justice group aims to amplify, and centre, the experiences of communities who use, co-design, and contribute to knowledge. Our work is framed by theories of systemic, structural, intersectional, contextual, and social, justice to:


  1. Explore the diversity of communities including communities of identity, place, and action, and how they relate to each other
  2. Promote safety for, and address harms experienced by, communities around the world
  3. Understand, critique, and shape service organisations locally, nationally, and internationally, recognising their potential to be both sources of safety and sources of harm
  4. Contribute to, and build upon, critical research traditions, by being community-engaged, aspiring to feminist and decolonising principles, and using various methods including collaborative and participatory research approaches
  5. Foster inclusion and the challenge the marginalisation of communities who are minoritised, oppressed or under-served by governments, the academy and other institutions that influence state intervention


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Communities and Social Justice postcard

Centre for Social Justice and Community Action

Towards inclusive criminal justice responses to sexual violence (


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Postgraduate Research: Communities and Social Justice

Postgraduate researcher Stephanie Daw outlines her research into how Covid-19 has affected LGBT+ young people's transitions to adulthood.

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