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Library matters are discussed, and policy is formulated and ratified, via various committees.  

Library Steering Group

The Library Steering Group draws its membership across senior members of the University and includes representation from Durham Students' Union. It meets termly, is a standing committee of Senate, and it also reports to the University Executive Committee and to Council.  


  • Chair, appointed by the University Executive Committee
  • The Pro-Vice Chancellor (Arts and Humanities)
  • University Librarian 
  • Deputy Librarian 
  • Director of Computing and Information Services or nominee  
  • A senior representative from a College (1)  
  • Senior representatives from Faculties (3) 
  • A senior representative from the Education Committee or a sub-committee (1)
  • A senior representative from the Research Committee or a sub-committee (1) 
  • A senior representative from the Wider-Student Experience Committee or a sub-committee (1) 
  • Durham Student Union representatives (2)
  • Secretary - provided by the Library 

Reporting to the Library Steering Group are the Library Users' Committeethe Collections Committee and the Foster Committee. 

Library Users’ Committee

The Library Users' Committee meets once a term. It runs the same meeting twice each term, to enable maximum attendance. It provides a strong point of communication between Faculty Library representatives and ULC, and opportunities to seek opinions and feedback from the Library representatives.  


  • Joint chair: ULC Head of Education and ULC Head of Customer Services
  • Library representatives from each faculty, department or school
  • Academic Affairs Officer of DSU
  • UG and PG DSU Officers
  • ULC Faculty Librarians
  • Members of the Library staff and other members of the University invited as appropriate to speak to the business of the meeting
  • CIS Representative

It reports into Library Steering Group.

There is more information about the committee structure of the University as a whole on the web page for University Committees.