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Starting January 2023, Dr Giuseppe Amatulli will commence his new position as a post-doctoral fellow in the Rebuilding First Nations Governance (RFNG) project.

The Rebuilding First Nations Governance (RFNG) project includes partnerships with six First Nations and two Tribal Councils, six Canadian universities, three non-governmental organisations, and 35 academic researchers and practitioners; and it is supported by a C$2.5M Partnership Grant awarded by The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada - SSHRC - in 2020.

Giuseppe will be the first post-doc fellow to join the team. In his role, he will conduct interdisciplinary work with several First Nations across Canada, as well as with non-Indigenous academics and practitioners. Through a process of community-led research, reflection and action, the project aims to provide applied research and analysis directed by First Nations governments working to replace the Indian Act (or specific sections of it) with more effective and legitimate tools designed to meet the needs of the community.

This is a tremendous opportunity for Giuseppe to specialise in First Nations Governance while continuing to do socio-legal research with Canadian First Nations based on the expertise he developed throughout his PhD in the Durham Arctic Programme.