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Management Team 

Director:Professor Roger MacGinty (School of Government & International Affairs) 

Deputy Director:Dr Elisabeth Kirtsoglou (Anthropology Department) 

Deputy Director: Dr Catherine Turner (Law School) 

Director of MSc Courses:Dr Olga Demetriou (School of Government & International Affairs) 


Core Staff  



Areas of supervision 

Professor Jutta Bakonyi 

Professor in Development and Conflict in the School of Government and International Affairs 

Political Sociology of World Society 

State Dynamics and Governance beyond the State 

Dynamics of Violence and War 

International Interventions 

Urbanisation and Conflict 

East Africa 


Dr Olga Demetriou 

Associate Professor in Post Conflict Reconstruction and State-Building in the School of Government and International Affairs 

Governance and experience of displacement 

Borders and Migration regimes 

Conflict legacies and post-conflict society 

Gendered subjectivities in war and peace 

Southeast Europe 

Dr Stefanie Kappler 

Associate Professor in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding in the School of Government and International Affairs 


The European Union and Peacebuilding 

Spaces and places of peace and conflict 

Research Methods in Peace Studies 

Peace and the Arts 

Memory and Conflict 

Narrative Approaches 


South Africa 


Northern Ireland 

Dr Elisabeth Kirtsoglou 

Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology 






Migration and Refugee Issues 

Dr Raphaela Kormoll 

Teaching Fellow in International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies, AFHEA 


Prof Roger MacGinty 

Professor in Defence, Development and Diplomacy in the School of Government and International Affairs 



Everyday approaches to peace 

International intervention 

Political violence 

Dr Benjamin Maiangwa 

Teaching Fellow in International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies in the School of Government and International Affairs 


Dr Catherine Turner 

Associate Professor in the Durham Law School 

Public International Law 

Transitional Justice 

Post Conflict Reconstruction 


Critical Legal Theory 


Associates, Durham University 

Guest Lecturers 

  • Professor Bruce Baker, Coventry University 
  • Professor Brad Blitz, Middlesex University London 
  • Andrew Brear, Consultant 
  • Professor Ananda Breed, University of Lincoln 
  • Maya Brehm, Article 36 
  • Dr Corneliu Bjola, Diplomatic Studies, Oxford University 
  • Professor Julia Buxton, Central European University 
  • Catherine Carter, Safe the Children 
  • Richard Clemens 
  • Dr Friederike Fuhlrott, Senior Policy Officer, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development 
  • Professor Jeroen Gunning, King's College London 
  • Lieutenant General (Retd.) Phil Jones 
  • Professor (Emer.) Nick Lewer, Director, Coral Associates Ltd. 
  • Michael McCabe, Intelligence Fusion 
  • Prof Cahal McLaughlin, Queen's University Belfast 
  • Dr Paul MeertsClingendael 
  • Dr John Mellors, German Institute for International Cooperation, Vietnam 
  • Judge Howard Morrison, International Criminal Court (ICC) 
  • Jason Mosley, Editor, Journal of Eastern African Studies, Research Associate, Oxford University 
  • Dr Claude Ngomsi, UN-Habitat 
  • Dr Maria O'Reilly, Leeds Beckett University 
  • Bruce Pennell, NATO Communication and Information Agency 
  • Professpr (Emer.) Michael Pugh, University of Bradford 
  • Professor James Sweeney, University of Lancaster 
  • Dr Lars Waldorf, University of Dundee 
  • Berthold Weiß, Director, Reception Camp for Refugees in Germany 
  • Enda Young, William J Clinton Leadership Institute, Queen's University Belfast