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Translation Beyond Languages

One of the directions of research under the aegis of CIM is exploring broader conceptualisations of translation. In this respect, the research is a direct heir of inquiry into intersemiotic or multimodal types of translation.

CIM organises or contributes to events that attempt to examine translational practices going beyond verbal and interlingual transfers. This kind of research is conducted by the CIM staff (Dr Sergey Tyulenev’s book Translation in the Public Sphere, 2018; Professor Ita Mac Carthy’s book The Grace of the Italian Renaissance, 2020) and PhD and MA students. Among the most outstanding examples are the Doctoral theses by Bai Ge (The Paratexts of Erotic Translation: Lady Chatterley's Lover and Lolita in China; 2019), by Haoxuan Zhang (Exploring Intersemiotic Translation Models - A Case Study of Ang Lee’s Films; 2020), and the MA thesis by Cerise Jackson (Translation and Entrepreneurship: Transdisciplinarity and Shared Competencies in the Emergent Genre of ‘Cross-Cultural Anime’).

In the winter-spring of 2021, CIM conducts a series of talks ‘The Evolution of the Conceptualisation of Translation in TIS’.