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The Durham Research Methods Centre (DRMC) Picturing Research competition 2023/24 has received a good number of applications.

We would like to invite members all across the university to visit the applicants’ submissions.

Picturing Research is a DRMC online competition showcasing research conducted by researchers at Durham University. It is an opportunity to extend the reach of research to wider publics and different means of communication.

The competition aims to highlight the contributions and impact of Durham researchers to society, locally and globally.

Inspired by the focus of the Durham Research Methods Centre on “designing novel methods to tackle complex, real-world challenges’, this year’s competition focuses on: Interdisciplinarity; Innovative research; and Engaging community.

The Vote is now Open.  There are 25 entries to view. Once you have viewed them all, you can vote for your 3 favourite entries using the form at the end of the webpage. You can only vote once. The closing date for voting is May 8th, 2024.