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In collaboration with the University’s Advanced Research Computing, Durham RIOTs, and the Research Data Management Teams, we’re running a half-day ReproHack event on Thursday 19th May 2022, 9.30am-2.30pm. The event will be registered with the international ReproHack Hub. (This event is only open for Durham University staff and research students ONLY)

Reproducibility, the ability to reproduce reported results from available data, computer code and reported methodology or documentation, is the minimum requirement for assessing robustness and reliability of research outputs. 

To promote reproducibility and provide opportunity for researchers to engage with it in practice, the Durham Research Method Centre, Durham University Advanced Research Computing, the Durham University Research Data Team and Durham RIOTS Club have organised a ReproHack. This is a half-day reproducibility hackathon where participants attempt to reproduce results from code. data and documentation from papers or pre-prints, usually on their own laptop. It is also an opportunity for researchers to help others learn from their work by submitting their papers, code, data and documentation for reproduction and review.  


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