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Research Projects

Contact us to develop new projects, drawing on our cross-disciplinary network of DRMC Fellows. We are currently engaged in the following funded research projects:

  • Cristea A. and Castellani B. Durham@ATI Network in AI and Data Science. The Alan Turing Institute. 2022. £27,608.67.
  • Kendal et al. Including DRMC.Transforming the Field of Cultural Evolution and its Application to Human Futures. John Templeton Foundation. 2021-2024. £2.8M.
  • Tanaka M. and Kendal J. How can cultural innovations trigger the emergence of new diseases? Australian Research Council. 2021-2024. 400,000AUD.
  • Kasim A. Industrial funded PhD Studentship with Hasselt University Belgium on High Dimensional Clustering and Prediction and Integrated Analysis of Single Cell RNASeq Data. GSK, Belgium. 2020 – 2024. £14,500
  • Spyridopolous I, Maier R, Hancock HC, Kasim A, Austin D. Telomerase ACTivator to reverse Immunoscenescence in Coronary Artery Disease (TACTIC)- Extension. T.A. Sciences, 2020-2021; £158, 000.
  • Rodgers J, Heslop Ramsay S, O'Connor R, Townsend E, Wilson C, Cassidy S, Walker B and Kasim A. Adapted suicide safety plans to address self-harm, suicidal ideation and suicide behaviours in autistic adults: an interventional single-arm feasibility trial and external pilot randomised controlled trial. NIHR PHR, 2020- 2023. £645,510.40
  • Dudley R, Gibbs C, Dodgson D, Common S, Alderson-Day B, Fernyhough C, Arnott B, Kasim A, Spencer H, Managing Unusual Sensory Experiences (MUSE): A feasibility trial of a targeted, psycho-education toolkit for distressing hallucinations, in people with a first episode of psychosis. NIHR RfPB. 2020 – 2022. £248,748.00
  • Hampshire K, Kasim A, Hamill H, Akhter N, Wagnild J, David-Barrett E, Mariwah S, Mshana G, Amoako-Sakyi D, Ackland G and Chattoe-Brown E. Analysis and Publication of WHO Research Data on Substandard & Falsified medicines. World Health Organisation (WHO). 2020, £19,000
  • Panther S, Dhar A, McAlindon A, Sidhu R, Kasim A, and Close H. Performance characteristics of PillCam Crohn's compared with conventional ileocolonoscopy and Magnetic Resonance Enterography in the assessment of patients with Crohn's disease. NIHR RfPB. 2019 -2021. £349,818.00
  • Akowuah E, Kasim A, Hancock H, Maier R. Pre-habilitation in elderly patients undergoing cardiac surgery. Heart Research UK. 2019 – 2021. £147571.63
  • Rutter M, Sharp L, McNally R, Valori R, Dunckley P, Lee T J W, Kasim A, Gray J, Broughton R, Rogers R, Brookes J M, Milburn K, Ruwende J, Morris E. NED-APRIQOT – National Endoscopy Database: Automated Performance Reports to Improve Quality Outcomes Trial. The Health Foundation. 2018 – 2021. £ 398,149
  • Hancock H, Vale L., Douglas S., Wroe A. C., Milne E., Weir E., Cornner L., Robson S., Dixon J., Exley C., Kasim A., Maier R. Research Design Service region North East and North Cumbria Region; NIHR, 2018 -2023. £ 5,117,229.
  • Higgins S. and Kasim A. Development of the teaching and learning toolkit 2. Analysis of National Pupil Database (NPD) and data archive support. Education Endowment Foundation. 2018-2021. £1,177,470.