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Further Optional Modules

In addition, students are able choose from optional modules offered by the MA in Literatures, Languages, and Cultures and the MA in Translation Studies (listed first) and from other departments. Note that not all modules will run every year and may not run if not enough students enrol. 

Selected Topics in World Literatures 

  • World Literature and Translation 
  • Science, Technology and the Re-making of Nature 
  • Things that matter: Material and Culture in/for the Digital Age 
  • Crossing Cultures: Word, Text and Image in Translation 
  • Grant Writing for masters students 
  • The Anglo-Saxon World Societies and Cultures: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Medieval England 
  • An Exhibitionary Complex: Museums, Collecting and the historic imagination 
  • Cultural Heritage, Communities and Identities 
  • Ethics of Cultural Heritage 
  • The Classical Tradition: Art, Literature, Thought 
  • Visualising Revolution: The image in French political culture c. 1789 - 1914 
  • German Reading Skills for Research 
  • French Reading Skills for Research 

Modules to the value of 30 credits related to Visual Culture offered by another Board of Studies* 

Modules marked with * require approval by the Chair of the Board of Studies in the concerned department, and by the Director of the MA in Visual Arts and Culture.