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Transnational Cinema 

This module offers a focused overview of transnational cinema with a non-exclusive emphasis on the recent cinemas of the Global South. Students will engage with the critical literature on theories of accented, diaspora, postcolonial and Third cinema genres as they apply to specific cultural and linguistic contexts. Firmly grounded in a solid practical understanding of film and visual culture analysis, this module provides a focused overview of the theories, debates and interpretive tools that constitute transnational cinema as an influential approach to the study of cinema beyond the English-speaking world. 

Students will learn how to approach a select corpus of films as a means to analyse translational cinema with reference to both local and global contexts. The module‚Äôs ultimate aim is to encourage intellectually rigorous, theoretically grounded and critically sound analyses of the relationship between film and visual culture on the one hand, and of the varieties of transnational cinema on the other. Questioning and challenging the very notions of transnational and world cinemas, the module will also explore aspects of local, regional and hemispheric filmmaking that both transcend and imply national, transnational and global phenomena.